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tv   News  ABC  September 14, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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a midnight murder in baltimore. it happened where pianos and trumpets and sacs -- sax in this city made history. and find out how your kids are getting a lunchtime treat. and how would you have handled this? these stories and more coming up right up to "good morning america" time at 7:00. i'm jamie costello.
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megan pringle has this day off. now, with your weather here's meteorologist justin berk. >> 6:30. generally clear skies, our satellite picture overnight highlighting dark patches that is an infrared image which measures the difference in temperature and indicates low clouds and fog. there may be fog in the hereford zone near the pennsylvania line. york county and back towards carroll county, i think we have a little fog forming now which is fairly common developing mid-september on in through the autumn season. check out this image, no fog but look at the orange glow in the sky at the harbor school in owings mills, 60 degrees, good morning to everybody from the harbor school, owings mills, even our friends down towards annapolis. let's take you back to westminster, 56 degrees, 96% humidity. westminster east middle school may have a little bit of extra dew on the ground and a little fog forming in some of the valley locales of carroll county. temperatures jump out from near 60 this morning. 80 by lunchtime. 84 and sunny this afternoon. that is our two-degree
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guarantee. 6:31. here's kim brown with traffic. >> thank you if you're searching for traffic updates on twitter go to in howard county towards the dc area no problems here or southbound on the bw parkway and route 29 is smooth as well. however, harrisburg expressway, southbound at about old york road at the maryland state line and the pennsylvania state line we have an overturned trailer there with a pickup truck that is overturned. the trailer has all the lanes blocked. only the right shoulder gets by. you might want york as an alternate. jfx at north avenue, traffic is beginning to bimed as you make your way -- build as you make your way downtown but no incidents at this time. back to you. 6:32. it doesn't shock us anymore. we report on a shooting at the inner harbor, violence in east baltimore, to a midnight murder in west baltimore. this one happened just blocks away from where jazz grew up in our city.
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abc2 news linda so with more now. >> reporter: the deadly shooting happened in the druid hill community a, a neighborhood once home to legendary jazz players and entertainers. this is from our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill. sources say a man was shot multiple times at prestman and edding streets. he was found lying next to saint katherine's episcopal church. members of the church have been trying to fight this very thing from happening. it's the second shooting in the area in the past two days and homicide detectives continue to search for the gunman and motive. linda so, abc2 news the white house and its democratic allies are bracing for a long week ahead as they try to shift the focus away from some of the more divisive aspects. on the sunday morning news shows, some say it's one way
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for obama to give health coverage to uninsured americans. >> what we've all said it's not the whole of health insurance reform and we shouldn't let the whole debate deinvolve into -- into this one question. >> we have another controversial matter. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says the president made it clear his health care goals don't include using public money to pay for abortions. maryland public schools are taking steps to give your kids healthy meals. they will use locally grown food in their lunches this week. it's the second year we've done this. cafeterias in all 24 school districts will serve fruits and vegetables, breads, cheeses an meats from our state. and some schools will use locally grown food throughout the remainder of the school year. a group of top chefs launched a high-flying dining experience. 164 feet in the air.
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12 chefs from some of the french capital's top restaurants are preparing food for the dinner in the sky experience. daring diners can sample gourmet meals while sitting on a platform way above the city. 22 chairs are fixed around the platform which also has a glass roof and chandeliers. the whole contraption is suspended from a crane by metal cables. everyone wants to or at least try to make an impression at the fashion show, right? then there are those four-legged creatures who like to turn a head or two. the objective of this fashion show going on in california. plus, the strangers that made their way into an unfamiliar territory in washington state. 6:35. we've got ourselves just a couple of minutes before the sun pops up. a little patchy fog and temperatures this morning ranging from 61 degrees, some of you in the 50s. a warm day on tap. we'll talk about it next. here's kim with traffic. >> thank you. traffic is running along smoothly on southbound 95 as
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you make your way down towards the capitol beltway but we still have an incident on the harrisburg expressway, i'll have the complete details coming up. now the buses and trains with mark jones. >> good morning. for your commute you'll find on light rail, 10 to 15-minute delay, allow a little extra time. metro subway looking good, marc good. 15 bus diverted at saratoga and greene, watermain break repair. 17 with a diversion at corporate and international due to construction. the number 59 presently running about 30 minutes late. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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leather skirts onlar doors? thongs on poodles? a fashion show in california saturday like nothing we've ever seen. it was an event at educating new pet owners but the highlight of the afternoon was the doggy fashion show.
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pups strutted their stuff, boxers dressed as boxers. a ladybug, even a dog sporting a -- a thong. >> she only wears it for a short period of time. she says it's humiliating for people to want to look at -- >> face it, a lot of people like to dress up their animals. >> the event gave tips on how to train and socialize your dog and provided information on microchipping vaccinations as well as low-cost spay and neuter programs. did they shoot the front of the dog at all in the stories there? all right. vaccinating millions in the u.s. new changes are coming regarding the h1n1 virus. >> the vaccine is coming a little sooner than expected. i'm sherrie johnson. that story coming up. a little range in temperatures. westminster, 63 degrees. we're showing clear skies off of winters mill and on the hill, a little cool in the valleys and a little patchy fog. ellicott city, veterans
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elementary school, 58. basically we're clear and we're dry and we're going to the bus stop with your kids this morning. plan for dry weather, near 60 and sunshine throughout the day. we'll be right back after this. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun.
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we can't lose to kansas city. ravens were yelling, until this, touchdown ravens. ravens win it. more on the highlights. a new segment on abc2 aimed at keeping you and your family safe. what is going around? and he's the reason for the teardrops on her guitar. how kanye west ruined taylor swift's big moment at the vmas last night. abc2 is the proud sponsor of race for the cure, sunday the 18th. we ask you to go to your local ledo pizza and get these coupons. we have it for remodeling,
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kenwood kitchens, and others, you get a lot of money off and also help support the race for the cure and komen. pick up this big coupon booklet. let's look at the forecast. megan is out, justin is in. >> good morning. yes, we had a great day yesterday, round off that weekend with 80 and sunshine. and a ravens victory at home. 61 in baltimore. 59 easton. a little patchy fog forming. we have some reports just on the northwest fringe and up for the friends in york county, that i-83 stretch, 53 york. that airport always cooler than the surrounding areas but a hint of what is happening to the north. i mentioned a little patchy fog now the grade that shows up with the infrared satellite at night showing a difference in temperature and moisture on the ground has developed some of the fog. it will burn off quickly. the rest of us then see sunshine as high pressure dominates. some high clouds may stroll in
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late. giving way to a partly cloudy and maybe mostly cloudy afternoon this. computer model not showing the moisture that is going to show from the southwest but is going to bring us a slow-moving pattern for the second half of the week. two-degree guarantee of 84, a little patchy fog tonight down to 62. here's kim with a check of the roads. >> we have building volume all around the area as we look at 95 southbound at route 32 in howard county. you see traffic is moving along nicely as you make your way towards 495. we have building volume around the baltimore beltway. still an incident at the harrisburg expressway at the pennsylvania/maryland line at old york road. there was a pickup truck that had its trailer overturned. that has all lanes blocked at this time. only the shoulder gets by but that has traffic building before the pennsylvania state line through to about the york road exit. york road is probably your best alternate there anyway. as we check at the jfx at northern parkway you can see we
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have building volume southbound but traffic is moving along nicely at this time. back to you. 6:46. at one time this was baltimore's jazziest neighborhoods. sax, trumpets, they would all play. this morning, murder. linda so reports. >> reporter: a man was found shot to death right next to a church. this morning homicide detectives are searching for the gunman and motive. it happened around midnight. this is a neighborhood that was vibrant in the 1930s and 1940s, a place where jazz was abun -- abup doesn't. what happened overnight, a scene that has become all too familiar in this part of town. officers found a man shot multiple times lying in the street next to saint katherine's episcopal church. the church itself has been instrumental in trying to fight crime intense other activists.
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in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. the chiefs were supposed to leave the nfl after this game. after the first few minutes they had their bags packed but then a blocked punt and woops, we have a game. but here's the message to the rest of the league. the training wheels are off of joe flacco. he started hot, then got cool, made a couple misfires but then hit mark clayton to end it. flacco's first 300 yards, three touchdown game. todd heap is back in the running game with mcgahee. the head coach says the qb is not there yet. >> we didn't convert the drives on the touchdowns in the game. or it would have been a better game for us. >> for the first time in franchise history, ravens win 38, chiefs 24. you don't want to miss work or school. what should you do? every government agency tells us they are working feverishly to make sure you don't get a fever this fall.
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abc2 news sherrie johnson has the h1n1 talk today. >> reporter: some good news about the h1n1 vaccine. health officials say americans could begin receiving the shots as soon as the first week of october which is much sooner than expected. most of the vaccine is still scheduled for nationwide release by mid-october but some early doses should arrive sooner. officials say the one shot dose will help contain the spread of the flu. new studies show the vaccine tested against the virus is even more effective than researchers thought. the government says two separate clinical trials show people need half the number of shots originally predicted the vaccine takes effect eight days after the vaccination. >> this is very good news for the vaccination program both with regard to the supply of vaccine as well as to its potentially efficacy. >> there will be two meetings, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. a town hall meeting in
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clarkville. and in annapolis, a public forum. 7:00 p.m. at anne arundel community college's k building room 219. the new testify results apply to -- test results apply to adults. results for children and pregnant women are underway with results expected next month. with everybody worried about the flu coming and we've decided to start keeping tabs on what's going on. this is a great segment here on what's going on around us. abc2 news health reporter kelly swoope this morning. >> reporter: the temperatures are dropping, now we're back in our confined work spaces and classrooms surrounded by germs. >> we need to be up here in the top part of the arm. you're going to feel a little -- >> reporter: there's a lot going on this time of year. we have a lot of people coming in with flu-like symptoms, a lot of strep throat, a lot of ear and sinus congestion, of course the upper respiratory. >> reporter: i'm congested and coughing.
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help me reassure my co-workers i don't have the swine flu. qqyou don't have a fever. appetite ok, still able to drink fluids? >> yes. >> coughing? >> coughing but it's been -- ( indiscernible ). - >> it's most likely viral. it can last anywhere from seven to 10 days. drink lots of fluids, lots of rest, eat a very healthy diet, get adequate sleep and keep your stress level where it needs to be. >> reporter: we'll be keeping track of what illnesses are popping up and where. if you hear something in your child's school, workplace or community shoot me an e-mail. kswoo i'm kelly swoope, abc2 news. an ellicott city man lucky to be alive after his single engine plane crashed in rehoboth bay. thomas henry was towing an advertising banner when the engine lost power. it crashed into the bay about 50 feet offshore flipping on to its back in shallow water. police say mr. henry escaped serious injury.
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the plane owner says in case of emergency his pilots are trained to take the plane down in the water and away from people. to virginia now -- the state wants to execute john allen muhammad november 9th. the man who mamedded the deadly -- masterminded the deadly sniper attacks that terrorized the area in 2002. prosecutors picked that date to allow for an expected clemency petition. meanwhile muhammad's attorney plans to appeal his conviction to the united states supreme court. another message from bin laden, days after the 9/11 anniversary. al-qaeda leader osama bin laden says president barack obama is powerless to stop the wars in iraq and afghanistan and according to this transcript of the tape released by the terrorist organizations media wing a terrorist monitoring firm that translated the address says bin laden blames the wars on pro-israel lobby and corporate interests. >> (bleep) i didn't say i would kill you.
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are you serious? >> serena williams profanity-laced finger pointing tirade drew a $10,000 fine. and more punishment could follow into what the head of the tournament called her threatening manner. williams yelled at a person who called a foot fault. she was just two points away from losing to kim clijsters. clijsters eventually went on to win the united states open. how could he be so heartless? katie perry may have said it best like stepping on a kitten. after winning best female video of the year for taylor swift when kanye west hopped up on stage. >> i thank country music. thank you so much for giving me the chance to win a vma award. i - [cheers] >> taylor, i'm really happy for you. i'll let you finish but beyonce have one of the best individual yoation of all time! -- videos of all time!
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one of the best videos of all time! >> look at that. she's shocked. what do you do in a case like that? the crowd booed, the celebrity tweets talked about it all night long, about what a tasteless outburst it was. swift later performed "you belong to me." beyonce clearly embarrassed by kanye but always a class act. she gave taylor her moment. watch. >> i remember being 17 years old up from my first mtv award with destiny's child and it was one of the most exciting moments in my life. i would like for taylor to come out and have her moment. [cheers] >> later backstage taylor said she never met kanye west before and didn't want to start anything. instead she praised beyonce saying i didn't think i could love beyonce more than i could tonight. then it happened.
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bonanza. in washington state it was like bonanza and brokeback cow mountain. down the aisle of a convenience store, not a place for a roundup. cowboys on horses herd cattle down main street as part of a parade. one of the cows had to make a crun to the local store. the cowboy had to hustle the cows out. no one was hurt. the guy on horseback. 6:556789 clear skies, some of you wake up with a little bit of patchy fog, we're going to jump back up into the mid-80s this afternoon. warmer than yesterday's 80 by a few ticks on the thermometer. pretty uniform across most of the area. tonight, more patchy fog, low 60s and we're back to 85 with partly cloudy skies tomorrow. temperatures actually take a slide backwards with the clouds rolling in and some showers on wednesday. 73. 70 degrees on thursday and looks like rain begins to roll
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in and could stay with us on and off through friday as the wind picks up, only 68. upper 60s, showers saturday but right now sunday will dry out and we're back to a high of 75. 6:55. kim, what's up with traffic? >> here at 95 southbound, running smoothly as you make your way through howard county heading towards 495, worked of a crash in baltimore city. a disabled vehicle blocks. southbound 83 at old york road, accident still on scene, all lanes blocked southbound. only the shoulder gets by. you might want to try york road as an alternate. as we look at the jfx at northern parkway traffic is moving along pretty nicely at this time. coming up on "good morning maryland" at 9:00 -- are you ready to save money? we're going to tell you the top 10 things you should do not to pay full price for anything. i'm talking toothpaste, cell phones, vacations, all that coming up at 9:00. see you then.
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